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Bukin, an artist since the age of six, seamlessly merges abstract and figurative elements in a unique style that marries chaos and harmony. Combining with formal art education Bukin draws inspiration from his studies in deep yogic and systemic practices in India, plus his intense experiences exploring art and raw humanity immersed in African and Indonesian villages in a 4 years world expedition he embarked to know himself and transcend the mind.  This organic, intuitive process results in energetic bursts of raw emotions, giving life to faces across cultures and backgrounds that emerge from the chaotic emotions of being alive.


His artistic mission revolves around transcending the barriers of critical thought and societal conditioning, aiming to guide others to connect with their inner emotions beyond mere thoughts. Bukin’s creative process is marked by a distinctive approach—he doesn’t plan or draft his paintings. Instead, he meditates and connects, entering a state of flow where he feels guided by a higher force, akin to directing actors in his films. His objective “art that entertains, inspires and heals” underscores his commitment to being an agent of positive change. Through his art, Bukin aims to encourage introspection, foster inspiration, and ultimately help raise consciousness while embracing the celebration of being alive.