Consulate General of Argentina in New York

The Happiness Project Speech by director Marcelo Bukin.

Grateful Friday: Yesterday the Consul General of Argentina in NY, Marcelo Giusto, asked me to give a speech about Happiness at the Argentinian Consulate.

One of my main passions is people – and also travel to exotic places. I LOVE connecting with diverse cultures and deeply enjoy wild adventures — BUT, for truly connecting with ANYONE from a solid healthy place, and to be truly happy and fulfilled in life, we need to embrace full-on our identity.

The Argentinian identity is a huge part of who I am: its passion, drive, depth, culture, amazing humor, friendliness, warmth, charm, common sense, a delicate appreciation for the small things in life, its heartfelt Human Connection… Oh… I can keep on for hours! Truth is I’ve been wanting to build a bridge with Argentina for a very long time, BUT, beyond thinking, wanting, and “visualizing,” lately I started to TAKE ACTION – AND – It’s starting to manifest! Let’s visualize + also take action for what we truly want amigos! Life’s not happening to us, it’s happening FOR us.

I’m so grateful for yesterday’s event, the opportunity to share my #happiness mission and projects, the amazing new people I’m meeting, and… for what’s next!!