Dolores Art-Work & Story – happiness

Dolores is an adorable lady I met in Upper West Side, in the corner of 74th St & Columbus Ave. Sweet, happy, deep, emotional, she was slightly surprised when I asked her: What’s happiness for you? A very simple question that could go in many directions.

She is one of the first inspirations that trigger the launch of Dreaming New York, and I’m grateful for having crossed her in my path.

Some of my first “focus groups” where I was showing my film experiments was with my dear friend the talented commercial and feature director Nicolas Cassavechia. Nico, and his now wife Mercedes, were extremely supportive in my search, giving honest raw feedback sometimes is not so easy but they did, and I would like to publicly thank them for their amazing support. On top of that, Nicolas, who is an accomplished illustrator surprised me some days later with these beautiful drawings that beyond the skillful technic truly embody the soul and emotions from Dolores.

Dolores episode below: